Corporate Info

In response to changing customer needs, the SECOM group is working to realize its vision for the future – the Social System Industry – by providing comprehensive‚ integrated services and systems that make life more secure‚ convenient and comfortable.

SECOM Trust Systems Co.‚ Ltd. was born on May 2006 by merger of two IT related subsidiaries in the SECOM group.
Information and Telecommunications Network Society is becoming more complicated‚ highly developed and globalizing. At the same time, virus and terrorism in the cyber space are spreading‚ and natural disasters are occurring frequently. Risk management is a high priority issue on the point of Business Continuity Plan because those risks keep growing.
SECOM Trust Systems will pave the way for the newly merged entity to become a comprehensive information services provider with information security and major disaster response services at its core.
SECOM Trust Systems continues to promote the realization of the Social System Industry as a comprehensive framework of service. Our goal is to be a company that makes people’s lives safe‚ convenient and comfortable.

Company Name
SECOM Trust Systems Co., Ltd.
August 1985 Representative
President and Representative Director
Tatsuyuki Nishimura
Annual sales amount
45.7 billion yen (fiscal year ending March 2021)
Number of employees
1,034 (as of March 31, 2021)
1,468.8 million yen