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SECOM Trust Systems Co., Ltd.
Keiji Hayashi, President and Representative Director

Basic policy

The business policy of our company is to contribute to development of the social system industry through our business of "information security services" and "disaster measure services" under the common philosophy of the Secom Group, "providing services that benefit society".

In accordance with this business policy, we will ensure that customers can feel safe when using our services and that we can conduct business safely with all related parties by establishing a management system for protecting the Personal Information, Individual Numbers and Specific Personal Information handled in our business, and ensuring that safety management practices are upheld so that all of our employees take utmost care in handling such information. We will also continue to review and update said management system.

*For the purpose of this Policy, the terms "Personal Information", "Individual Numbers" and "Specific Personal Information" shall have the same meanings as used in Japanese laws and regulations.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We shall, in handling Personal Information, comply with laws and regulations concerning the protection of Personal Information and proper use of Individual Numbers, as well as other rules (guidelines, etc. issued by the Personal Protection Commission and other government agencies), and establish and strictly manage and operate internal rules for the safe management of Personal Information.

Proper acquisition

We shall not acquire any person's Personal Information by means that cannot be detected by the person, nor shall we collect it without the person's permission.

Purpose of use

We shall use Personal Information for the purposes mentioned below.

* If we had already notified you of the "Purpose of use" when we acquired your personal information, we shall use it within the scope of that Purpose.

(1)Customers' Personal Information

  • Personal Information of those ordering our products, those who take charge of contracts for our services and those who apply for our events or answer our questionnaires

    Such information shall be used as follows:

    [Personal Information not containing Individual Numbers]

    • To confirm the details of orders, contracts or applications
    • To send ordered products and related materials
    • To respond to inquiries related to ordered products and services
    • To carry out procedures for receiving payment for purchased products and services
    • To announce products and services of our company and the Secom Group companies and related events
  • Personal Information of users of our services which is collected in order to provide our services, etc.

    Such information shall be used as follows, within the scope required for the provision of the relevant service and implementation of contracted work:

    [Personal Information not containing Individual Numbers]

    • To make announcements, identify users, and confirm qualification regarding our services
    • To provide our services and contracted work or to deliver products, related documents, and related materials
    • For registration and storage as a user of the system, as well as system processing and preparation of deliverables, etc.

    [Individual Numbers and Specific Personal Information]

    • For registration and storage in the system, and for system processing
    • In order to fulfill contracted work within the scope permitted by law regarding "Matters Related to the Individual Number" and "Matters involving the use of the Individual Number"

(2) Personal Information otherwise disclosed in connection with dealings with our company

  • Such information shall be used as follows:

    [Personal Information not containing Individual Numbers]

    • To confirm details of products, services and outsourced work provided to our company and for the purpose of communication regarding such products, etc.
    • To carry out payment procedures
  • [Individual Numbers and Specific Personal Information]

    Within the scope required for "Affairs Related to the Individual Number" in connection with the transaction:

    • To carry out procedures for tax payments, or to create records of the payment of remuneration and fees
    • To create payment records regarding real estate transactions

(3) Personal Information of our employees, etc.

  • Such information shall be used as follows:

    [Personal Information not containing Individual Numbers]

    Within the scope required for our business activities:

    • To identify and manage employees
    • For office processing including payroll accounting
    • For the communication and delivery of materials required to conduct business
    • For procedures required to conduct business
  • [Individual Numbers and Specific Personal Information]

    Within the scope required for related "Affairs Related to the Individual Number":

    • To carry out procedures for tax payments and to create records of the payment of remuneration and fees
    • To carry out procedures related to labor insurance
    • To carry out procedures related to social insurance
    • To prepare and submit a statutory report of financial instrument exchanges for the employee shareholders' meeting
    • To carry out procedures related to the national pension and corporate pension, etc.

Handling of information

(1) Prohibition of use outside the prescribed purposes

We will not use any person's Personal Information for purposes other than those approved by the person, unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations. We will use any person's Individual Number and Specific Personal Information only within the statutory purposes of use, and only for the purposes approved by the person.

(2) Shared use

Only in regard to Personal Information not containing Individual Numbers and acquired in connection with "Purpose of Use (1)-a." above, above, we may share it with any of the Secom Group companies.

*The "Secom Group companies" shall refer to Secom Co., Ltd. and any other companies whose equity or shares that represent the majority of the total voting rights are directly or indirectly owned by Secom Co., Ltd.

(3) Provision to third parties

We do not provide any person's Personal Information to third parties (not including subcontractors), except after having confirmed the person's approval or in cases admitted by the law.

Safety management (Management system and continuous improvement) 

We shall appoint a Personal Information Protection Manager, establish a management system and promote continuous improvement of the efforts mentioned below.

(1) Assurance of Integrity

We shall take appropriate measures for keeping Personal Information correct and current within the scope necessary for accomplishment of the purpose of use.

(2) Protection from Violations

We shall take safety measures which are reasonable from systematic, physical, and technical viewpoints, to prevent unauthorized access to Personal Information or loss, damage, alteration, or leakage of information, and keep such information safe by promptly making corrections when necessary.

(3) Training and supervision of employees

We shall give its employees necessary and appropriate training and adequately manage and supervise them during actual business activities.

(4) Supervision of subcontractors

If we entrust all or part of the handling of Personal Information to an outside operator, we shall provide training and adequately manage and supervise the outside operator.

Responding to requests

In the event of any request for disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of use, or suspension of provision to third parties of Personal Information, we shall respond to such requests within a reasonable scope, within a reasonable period, unless prevented by any special cause, after confirming that the request is made by the relevant person.  (Please contact the specified in "Complaints, consultations, and inquiries")

Complaints, consultations, and inquiries

Please contact us at:

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  • By phone:
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  • Established: May 1, 2006
  • Final revision: June 1, 2017
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